Swahilipot Hub Membership Packages

Swahilipot Hub offers a mix of membership packages for the community. This includes Community membership, which includes an annual fee for an identification card and subscription, Coworking membership which has a daily, weekly and monthly rates, and a private office membership.

We have creative spaces both shared and dedicated, private office, event space (amphitheater), and a lounge with entertainment. Located in Mombasa , behind Fort Jesus, near Swahili Cultural center.

We have spacious accessible space, which including private offices, co-working space, meeting/training rooms and a rooftop.  Swahilipot Hub members will be able to access all our facilities including 24/7 access and subsidized rates.

Annual fee: Ksh 2,200
  • Shared open space
  • 6 day/week 8am to 8pm
  • Internet acces
  • Seat at any of the available desk
  • Access to interior communication platform
  • Access to the hired space at a member’s rate
  • Access to closed Swahilipot hub events at a subsidized rate
Daily: Ksh 700, Weekly: Ksh 3500, Monthly: Ksh 10,000
  • Dedicated working desk
  • 6 day/week 8am to 8pm
  • Internet access
  • Access to boardroom upon booking
  • Access to Coffee, tea and water
  • Access to fridge and a microwave