Introducing Changemakers Program

Swahilipot Hub Change Maker Program seeks to create more impact through empowering individuals who are working selflessly to change the world. We aim to reach 200 change makers within the Coast region of Kenya (within a year). The change maker program stands in line with our motto to “help the community develop themselves” and furthermore aims to:

Empower change makers through training,mentorship, and financial support
Directly link change makers with the necessary partners, entities, individuals and organizations in order to grow their networks.

Meet Our Changemakers

Latifa Noor

She is a mentor at Mombasa Girls in STEM, a program that aims at empowering girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics she loves inspiring more girls to venture into STEM a career where women, she volunteered in conducting Africa Code Week, a program conducted in a week that girls all over Africa are taught how to code.

Rajab Maguru Salim

He leads a group of 15 youth, 10 gentlemen and 5 ladies from his community who identify themselves as
Chama La Wana which means “Youth Club”. These are people he sees have committed and passionate to give back to the community selflessly. He tags them along to training, forums, workshops or events that need youth.

Wacu Kihara

She runs Khangadelic, which symbolizes the color and vibrancy of Coastal culture and lifestyle through contemporary
clothing and accessory. They  have partnered with Minazini Beach Management Unit and Ocean Mimic in Bali Indonesia on Beach Clean Up Activities.