Introducing Changemakers Program

Swahilipot Hub Change Maker Program seeks to create more impact through empowering individuals who are working selflessly to change the world. We aim to reach 200 change makers within the Coast region of Kenya (within a year). The change maker program stands in line with our motto to “help the community develop themselves” and furthermore aims to:

Empower change makers through training and mentorship.
Directly link change makers with the necessary partners, entities, individuals and organizations in order to grow their networks.

Are you a change-maker working towards making your community more connected, sustainable and inclusive? Click the link below to learn about our change-makers program under Swahilipot Hub and fill the google form at the end to get a chance to be part of our change-makers.

Meet Our Changemakers

Zamzam Abdi Ali

She has been very instrumental in urging the youth to grab every opportunity that comes across and as well constructively use their talents in earning themselves a living.

Rajab Maguru Salim

Rajab, 22 is a renowned young Swahili creative poet who will draw anybody’s attention especially when performing before a public rally, a
special conference or entertainment forum …

Hussein Abdulrazzaq

He launched a youth organisation ‘Focused Muslim Youth’ before it was changed to ‘Global Youth Projects’ so as to accommodate the many non-Muslim youth who developed interest in joining the efforts of economically empowering the youths.