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Setting standards in Community Governance: Announcing the Swahilipot Hub Community Council

277 days have gone by since 20th December 2017 when we formally launched a Community Governance Initiative at Swahilipot Hub. This initiative was intended to achieve…

Simeon Oriko September 24, 2018

Swahilipot Hub joins Afrilabs

@so_innovate @mashinanihub @WiredStartups @eldohub @SparkSahara @NairobiGarage @IrisHub_Rw @swahilipothub Welcome to the AfriLabs Network 👏🏾…

Swahilipot Hub June 11, 2018

Changes to Swahilipot Hub Mission, Team and Programs

On Wednesday 9th May, 2018, the Swahilipot team led by the board held a half day Strategy Retreat at Hotel EnglishPoint to consider three things: the organization…

Simeon Oriko May 24, 2018