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    THE COMMUNITY CLEAN UP The community general cleanup activity organized by Swahilipot Hub community department led by Musa Chirunje was held yesterday, 28th February 2020, from 8 to 10am.This was in partnership with Mombasa County Government and RedCross Action Team-Mombasa Branch.   The community members were joined by the patron, swahilipot hub Mahmoud Noor and the CAS, Ministry of ICT and Youth affairs @Nadia AhmedThe cleanup activity is scheduled to happen every month, you can join us next month.    
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Swahilipot Hub and Dev Career supports CodeHack Girls.


Swahilipot Hub and Dev Career supports CodeHack Girls

Pwani Teknowgalz acknowledges the invaluable and continual support from Swahilipot Hub of promoting our impactful work of equipping girls and young women with technological skills. We are highlighting our recent program in which CodeHack girls are participating at SwahiliPot Hub called Dev career. Dev Career is a non-profit Tech organization that supports the rising Tech Ecosystem in Africa. Read about the impact that the program and support from Swahilipot Hub is having on the girls during this Covid-19 pandemic as they continue learning through virtual classes

Shermin Matunda On the Left, Amina Nekesa Center, Saumu Nassoro Right

Shermin Matunda
What are you currently learning through the Dev Career program?

I’m on the front end and I’m working on various languages; currently, I am engaged in react JScript.

What do you like most about the program?

Mentors provide excellent mentorship to us. We access invaluable facilities and resources like laptops and sufficient internet connectivity within the hubs.

How are the skills acquired in the program aligns with your career goals ?

It’s amazing how I get to upgrade my ICT skills. I feel I can achieve so much and create more than I could ever imagine soon. My career as a developer will be excellent, thanks to the skills, experience, and knowledge.

How will the laptops support you achieve your career in technology?

I’ll get to work on projects, create websites for fun, and for people who require such services, thus making good money 😎🤞. I can join a community of developers such as GitHub and stack overflow to sharpen skills and place me in good stead to get better at what I do.

What support are you getting from the Swahilipot Hub team?

The Hub provides the fastest internet connectivity one could ever need. It also has sufficient space, which offers an excellent opportunity to interact and learn more.

Any encouraging words for girls who will be reading your story on pursuing coding or technology?

My humble plea to the girls out there, please don’t hesitate to venture into technology or STEM at large; it is pretty fascinating and straightforward. You just have to adjust your mentality about technology.  It is fun and easy. If only you put more effort

and passion, you’ll reach greater heights. For me, it is so fulfilling; it’s a blessing.
Amina Hassan Nekesa
What are you learning currently through the Dev Career program?

I am currently taking a front end course.

What  do you like most about the program?

The program is insightful, and cooperation is highly regarded among developers and mentors.

How are the skills acquired in the program aligned with your career goals?

Its alignment is through computer software operation and also an improvement on my coding skills. I can also see myself becoming one of the best developers, if not soon, then one day.

How will the laptops support you in achieving your career in technology?

The laptops are essential in my studies, especially the website development courses that require frequent practice.

What support are you getting from the Swahilipot Hub team?

Internet connection, a conducive space for studies, an excellent team to work with, and mentors

Any encouraging words for girls who will be reading your story on pursuing coding or technology?

I would like them to keep in mind that THEIR SITUATION IS NOT THEIR DESTINY. Dev career is a fantastic program worth engaging in. Kindly endeavor to get to its root because if I can create a website through my coding skills despite all the difficulties, why can’t they? Nothing good comes easy. Whatever they are doing to get where they want to be concerning dev career courses, they should try as much as they can since hard work pays. We are here to help each other.
Saumu Nassoro Ali
What are you learning currently through the Dev Career program?

Front-end skills and general software development

What  do you like most about the program?

Mentors are committed to their active role of imparting relevant knowledge in us. Furthermore, we are provided with laptops and free internet that facilitate our learning progress.

How are the skills acquired in the program aligned with your career goals?

I have always desired to pursue a career in technology. This platform has provided me with skills and resources to pursue my lifetime dream career.

I am so happy and inspired by this program. My gratitude goes to my hardworking mentors.

How will the laptops support you achieve your career in technology?

They will help me put to use the knowledge and skills we are currently learning and even help us work and earn through the earned skills.

What support are you getting from the Swahilipot Hub team?

Mentorship, peaceful learning environment, and free wifi

Any encouraging words for girls who will be reading your story on pursuing coding or technology?

Do not fear to code. It is effortless to learn, exciting, and can be a perfect income generating career, so feel welcomed girls.

   Shermim Matunda
    Amina Nekesa
      Saumu Nassoro



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“The Pot Culture is in itself a thing of wonderment and excitement. It is a form of compelling statement, a bold declaration on the dynamism of culture and how the new can be used to preserve or even erase the old. While on one hand we have the ever definitive conservative Swahili culture with its classical Swahili poetry (which at some point fused very well with taarab music), the leso culture and the various Swahili dialects, we have on this other hand a Swahili (in this case Swahili being more a cultural than an ethno-linguistic term) Pop-culture that is more self-expressive, liberal and merges globally acclaimed trends in their performances.” Hekaya Arts Initiative Read More

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Due to covid and the government’s announcement of banning gatherings, our first edition of Pot Culture 2020 was done online, facebook live on our page. If you missed it, here you go.

The first Pot Culture was introduced in 2018, with an aim of naturing talents along the coast, giving pltform and preparing artists for our annual art contest by the end of the year, Pwani Gat Talent. Read more about the introduction of pot culture from the link below.

Pot Culture Introduction

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Acha Gun Shika Mic Community Outreach

There was thunderous jubilation in Frere Town in Mombasa County yesterday when the Swahilipothub team landed. Several residents stopped doing their activities and joined the team in the event dubbed as “Acha Gun Shika Mic”.
The event “Acha Gun Shika Mic” – the first of it’s kind encourages community members to stay away from drugs,violent activities and engage in income generating activities.
The event brought together local upcoming artists who performed live on stage and passed the message – acha gun shika mic. Among the artists who performed are Ohmslaw montana,CJ, Deska Freere Town All Stars Among Others
Musa Chirune- Community outreach director, Shufaa Yukat – Communication Director among other staff while representing the Swahilipothub asked the upcoming artsits and all residents to visit the hub and harness its benefits in Tech and Arts.

The residents were left happy as majority of then got pleasantries from the Swahilipot hub team. Mohamud Noor , our patron while giving closing remarks echoed the words of majority of the artists ,”acha gun shika mic and ……… amani mitaani.”

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Ohms Law Montana –

Ohms Law Montana born as Kelvin Omondi was born and raised in Kisauni, Mombasa County. He later joined Khamisi High School where his passion for music grew each year. In 2009, he represented his school to the National level in the Rap category during the Annual Music Festival held in Kisumu.
Growing to the sound of hip hop as the soundtrack to his life, he later followed the route and two years later after completion of his studies at the university, he signed a three-year recording contract with Stantmastaz Entertainment.
He did a couple of projects including Jitambulishe project by Mombasa All-stars in Amillion records headed by Khalid producer which was a major hit around the country and he was the only rapper who was featured among big names from the Coastal region such as Nyota Ndogo, Chikuzee, Sudi Boy, Shabiggy, Rapdem, Kigoto, and Mswazi Masauti.
His love for hip hop and poetry has deep and emotional lyrics based on the day to day life experiences. In 2013, he was nominated as the Hip hop artist of the year during the Nzumari Awards and a year later in 2014, he was nominated both in the Hip hop artist of the year and Male artist of the year category during the Pwani celebrity Awards. In 2015, he was nominated as the Hip hop artist of the year both in the Nzumari Awards and Pwani Celebrity Awards. Currently, he is the Hip hop artist of the year 2015-2016 in the Nzumari Awards.

He has been a member of swahilipot hub since 2016 and is now using his talents to mentor others in the same industry. Through swahilipot hub, he founded the Acha Gun Shika mic project which encourages youth to stop radicalization through hip-hop.

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At just the age of 21yrs Latifa Noor has become a remarkable woman socially. She has battled through so much to be where she is and has never taken anything for granted.

Latifa Noor is a professional website developer, She is currently a content creator and social media manager at Pwaniteknowgalz. She is a mentor at Mombasa Girls in STEM, a program that aims at empowering girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics she loves inspiring more girls to venture into STEM a career where women, she volunteered in conducting Africa Code Week, a program conducted in a week that girls all over Africa are taught how to code.. Latifa Noor also Mentors kids from the ages of 7-17 in mobile app development, robotics, and website development. Improving young generation creativity in innovation through training and mentorship,r Creation Software Development curriculum and social media content for the project.

Latifa Noor is the co-founder of Psychbeing, a non-organization in Mombasa Kenya working to create awareness and remove the stigma on Mental health using technology, offering an online and offline platform that uses can share what they’re feeling anonymously without the fear of being judged or stereotyped by others. The platform will also link the users with Therapies, concealers and psychologists were they can meet on the online platform or face to face. The organization also focuses on primary and high school children because they believe that mental health begins from a younger age.

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Business Community


What is your company in 2–5 words?
Technology academy for children

In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?
Robotics, online safety and coding training and mentorship to children who are curious in technology

Why is now the time for your company to exist?
We are living in digital modern times and in Africa technology to children has become a blessing in disguise whereby children misuse and underutilize the technology at their disposal to an extend of accessing pornographic contents and becoming cyberbullying victims, thus we teach than on constructive usage of technology.

What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?
I love the patience, passion, and commitment my team has in training children because children need extra patience and passion to be able to work with them.

If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?
Hehee I would be in the military protecting the citizens from the enemy but using technology as well.

At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?
Success to us the number of children who have been able to identify problems within their communities and coming up with solutions for them, we measure our metrics by the number of students who have achieved exemplary in their schools’ performances since Tech Kidz Africa training adds more critical thinking skills to children.

Where do you think your growth will be next year?
We are looking forward to having enough training tools and materials.
What’s your biggest threat risk facing your company?
Lack of enough robotic kits, computers and research and development team….

Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?
Our biggest competitors are Digikids in Nairobi

Tell us about your first supporter, or your first paying customer and revenue expectations over the next year.
Our first supporter and partner are Swahilipot Hub who believed in us and provided a platform, our first clients were parents who believed in their kids’ passion in technology, we are hoping to at least have one million eight hundred thousand revenue e by next years.

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Recent Events

Make It Happen By Charles Barker

On 17th January 2020 , Charles Barker, an international hotelier and hospitality expert gave a presentation about how to make it happen.

Indeed, it was an upbeat, #motivational talk which engaged with the audience and helped #boost their morale and appreciate their potential and worth


The second session was for #business #community and professionals. The presentation was more about corporate and social responsibilities and the positive PR and practical benefits that can come with reaching out to disadvantaged youth.
Charles Barker encouraged representation from as wide a range of businesses as possible, including hospitality and tourism, transport, construction and engineering, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, military and law and order, charities, marketing and PR, education, oil and gas and garbage/waste management and recycling. Medicine, law and finance would be others if available.
Lastly, there was a very hot debate about the future of businesses and adoption of technology. A challenge was thrown to the experienced business people/mentors, why they want to mentor young people

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