At just the age of 21yrs Latifa Noor has become a remarkable woman socially. She has battled through so much to be where she is and has never taken anything for granted.

Latifa Noor is a professional website developer, She is currently a content creator and social media manager at Pwaniteknowgalz. She is a mentor at Mombasa Girls in STEM, a program that aims at empowering girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics she loves inspiring more girls to venture into STEM a career where women, she volunteered in conducting Africa Code Week, a program conducted in a week that girls all over Africa are taught how to code.. Latifa Noor also Mentors kids from the ages of 7-17 in mobile app development, robotics, and website development. Improving young generation creativity in innovation through training and mentorship,r Creation Software Development curriculum and social media content for the project.

Latifa Noor is the co-founder of Psychbeing, a non-organization in Mombasa Kenya working to create awareness and remove the stigma on Mental health using technology, offering an online and offline platform that uses can share what they’re feeling anonymously without the fear of being judged or stereotyped by others. The platform will also link the users with Therapies, concealers and psychologists were they can meet on the online platform or face to face. The organization also focuses on primary and high school children because they believe that mental health begins from a younger age.


  1. I would also like to be a part of Latifa’s team. How can I do that

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