Make It Happen By Charles Barker

On 17th January 2020 , Charles Barker, an international hotelier and hospitality expert gave a presentation about how to make it happen.

Indeed, it was an upbeat, #motivational talk which engaged with the audience and helped #boost their morale and appreciate their potential and worth


The second session was for #business #community and professionals. The presentation was more about corporate and social responsibilities and the positive PR and practical benefits that can come with reaching out to disadvantaged youth.
Charles Barker encouraged representation from as wide a range of businesses as possible, including hospitality and tourism, transport, construction and engineering, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, military and law and order, charities, marketing and PR, education, oil and gas and garbage/waste management and recycling. Medicine, law and finance would be others if available.
Lastly, there was a very hot debate about the future of businesses and adoption of technology. A challenge was thrown to the experienced business people/mentors, why they want to mentor young people

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