Shinning Star: Hussein Abdi

I am Hussein Abdi Hussein, I am a youth in Mombasa.  I have a degree in business administration with an accounting option and I am currently undergoing my private studies in CPA part 3 section 5. I am an active member of swahilipot hub I am also an actor.

I started a business of custom made Kenya flag T-shirts. The idea of the t-shirt with the kenyan flag came along while we were in swahilipot hub 02-05-2017. It was the time when we are heading to the general elections of 08/08/2017. The political tension which was around that time gave me the drive to make the T-shirt so as to show up the patriotism in us with the slogan “kenya moja”.

To start promoting my T-shirts, I collaborated with Swahilipot hub member Abdulrazak also known as Don to do a photoshoot of my T-shirts. We used the resources on social media to market the t-shirts and also to Swahilipot Hub members.  Most Members of swahilipot Hub helped reach my target and goals as an entrepreneur.  I received an overwhelming support from Friends and family.

I took a risk in this business idea; I used my school fees as capital. Sometimes we have to take risks in order to grow.  My biggest challenge is people not paying after delivery; I came up with an idea of payment prior to delivery.

My advice is make sure you conduct a market test before u engage or invest in a project. Look upon the customer’s response. Listen up to ideas which will help you in the growth of the business.

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