Pot Culture Introduction

Everyone has untapped talent, the most important part is having a platform to showcase the talents. For the past two years Swahilipot Hub has created various platforms for Artists and creatives to show their exceptional talent, nurtured and mentored into award winning Artists.  The objective is to create branded artists who can sustain themselves in the future.

Our 2018 goal is to create a platform from Artists from different counties in the Coast to showcase their talent and skills to the different audiences. Pot culture is a yearlong series of events in different counties. A culmination of performances for the annual concert Kenyans Owns Talent in December. Creating this platform will enable them to learn how to perform in a crowd, learn discipline and become confident in what they do. Various community members from Swahilipot Hub have volunteered to mentor the upcoming artists and creatives to help them build the talent, creating a brand and promote them. Each artist is assigned a mentor in the same field/category and is mentored, so far over 20 artists have been able to showcase their work.

The first Pot Culture was on 2nd March 2018, the event was graced by various community members at Swahilipot Hub.  Shiphrah, Azooz, Mox and Janet Chumbe were the four solo artists who performed and a play was showcased by the Pot actors. Solomon Zully was Master of the ceremony for the event. The artists were mentored through rigorous rehearsals daily that helped perform exceptionally at the event.  Shiphrah has won a few awards, sang Diamond by Rihanna and Kitu kimoja by Avril, while Janet Chumbe gave us spoken word pieces on Friendzone and cheating. Mox moved the crowd by Mama by Aslay, while Azooz narrated a folk story of Mekatilili.  After each performance the audience were given a chance to give feedback to the artist, this is to help them build their talent that would appeal to the audience and to help become better artists.  The actors consisting of 14 cast and crew gave an extraordinary play with a message to the audience. The event was graced by Mombasa County Nominated MCA for the Youth Moses Aran, Mr, Taib Ali from Friends of Fort Jesus and other various high profile guests.  The event was to showcase the specific performances but also a bridge between community and the artists

As we embark in this journey, we would like to thank Mentor Mahmood Noor for the support, National Museum, Friends of Fort Jesu s, ICT Ministry and Seacom for the support of Swahilipot Hub.  The next event will be in Kwale County; we look forward to exploring the talents and nurture them through this platform. Kindly follow us on facebook for all update: https://www.facebook.com/Swahilipothub/

Sights and sounds of Pot Culture March 2nd 2018:

Photo credit to : Leo Artpix Photography studio and Heartstigraphy

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