Next steps in the Community

By Simeon Oriko, Board Member, Swahilipot Hub

Without a community, Swahilipot Hub would not exist. I’m alive to this fact every time I sit down to work on Swahilipot initiatives.

When the idea for a Community Governance Initiative at SPH popped into my mind some time towards the end of 2017, I intended that community members would do two things: one, share their experiences on engaging with Swahilipot and two, participate in drafting and implementing ideas to grow and strengthen Swahilipot Hub and it’s members.

Let’s explore these two things for a second.

Early this year, we asked you, members of Swahilipot Hub, to fill out a survey that would enable us to listen to your thoughts, ideas and criticisms. 111 members filled out the survey – some people filled it twice! (Thank you).

We’ve taken some time to compile an analysis of the survey and we’re very excited to share it with you.

Not only are we sharing the analysis, we’re also sharing with you the raw data – all the comments that were submitted for the survey.

So what next after the survey?

We need you to engage – develop and implement experiments to move SPH forward. Experiments that are successfully implemented will be kept as part of SPH’s operations.

Some community members criticized this process saying it would be all talk and no action. While there is place for constructive criticism, there is also place for action. The experiments that will be developed as a results of people’s ideas are the mechanism through which we will take action to improve Swahilipot Hub. I must emphasize, that this is wholly a community led process. I encourage you all to engage in the next phase of this process.

So, how do you engage in this next phase?

We’ve come up with 5 sub-committee’s through which experiments will be generated from and implemented through. They are as follows:

  1. Community Building – Led by Francis Ikoha and Angela Mumbi
  2. Programs and Events – Led by Krispy and Dj Lenium
  3. Communications – Led by Simon Adeya and Stephen Mwalily
  4. Governance – Led by Rajab Snow AKA Malenga 001 and Daddy the Dancer
  5. Basic Facilities – Led by Ohms Law Montana and Ruth Kaveke

We invite you to sign up to join one of these sub-committee’s. Sign up using this Google Form:

The deadline for signing up for a committee is Friday 13th April 2018.

What are the timelines for this process?

  • Monday 9th April: Blog post announcing the next steps + Google form to sign up for the sub committee’s
  • Friday 13th April: Last day to sign up to join a sub-committee
  • Monday 16th April to Thursday 31st May: Sub-committees come up with concepts and implement them as experiments

Please note, that you can only join one sub-committee.

We are a community. Communities are intentional – they don’t happen by chance. I encourage you to be intentional about your participation in our community and be a part of this process.

On behalf of the board and staff, we look forward to working with you to implement your proposed experiments and to grow our community.

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