Interning at Swahilipot Hub

My name is James Omego Marcus, currently a fourth year student at Pwani University pursuing a degree in Computer Science majoring in Networking. The first thing that always comes to my mind when I hear “Swahilipot hub “ is the welcome talk given to us by Mr. Paul Akwabi when we toured Swahilipot hub in 2017 when I was a third year, it was a class trip. Since that day I loved Swahilipot and I knew that it was the place to be and that’s why when my time for attachment arrived I applied for internship at Swahilipot, luckily enough I was accepted as an Intern.

Starting my attachment from 15th of May to 5th of August I learned and gained a lot as an intern at Swahilipot over that period. To begin with ,the simple basics of understanding how the real world operate away from the class work to gaining more skills adding on top of whatever I had been taught in class.

Over this time I was able to learn and turn into a pro of building word press websites something that I hadn’t tried back at school,I managed to build one website for an non-profit organization called Dear Diary and the URL to the website is

As an aspiring Network Engineer I can never forget the experience and resources that Swahilipot did invest in Me. The Network Admin Mr. Joab Kose gave me full authorization to the network resources and this did help grow my experience as far as CISCO switches and routers are concerned. He taught me how to troubleshoot the network whenever we had network related issues and most of the time this task was given to me. This greatly gave me hands on skills of network management and network troubleshooting.

Since networking is also going the programmable way, my supervisors did not let me just sit there, they had me registered for Python programming language since it is the language that is mostly used in network programming and network security. In this course I took python programming essentials and at the end of the course I was issued with a certificate. It gave me lots of knowledge in python programming and this is just the beginning.

Seeing the passion that I had in networking Swahilipot hub IT department decided to do something that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life and it is for this reason that I’ll remain a “POTTER” forever . I was sponsored into the CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY. A times it is difficult to express how happy and appreciative I am for this chance but I believe that someday I’ll give back just as I was given a chance by the “POTTERS”.

The day that I came for an interview at Swahilipot I was asked a question by Swahilipot hub ICT manager Mr. Britone Mwasaru he did ask my expectations from Swahilipot ,well I answered the question without fumbling because I knew exactly what I wanted. I told him I wanted to get hands on skills inn networking and to become a python programming guru. If today he’d ask me again if I achieved my expectations I’ll reply YES ,all of my expectations have been fulfilled and the stack is overflowing. Because I’ve had all that I wanted to get plus extra,ranging from switches and router to configuring access points to trunking to crimping to installing CCTV cameras to network management plus certifications on top of that I’ve had it all.

There’s one major thing that really impressed me about Swahilipot that would make me recommend someone who need attachment to consider applying Swahilipot hub. The level of support from the Swahilipot hub community is amazing, everybody there has the heart to help you grow and to make you follow your dreams. You’ll not be totally defeated by something without getting help not unless you don’t ask for help.

For me Swahilipot hub will forever remain my home and I’ll be there too to help others grow just as I was helped to follow my passion in networking. “Am a Potter for LIFE”.


Written by James Omego Marcus

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