Seacom Foundation Day: Giving beyond the usual basket

Swahilipot Hub came about first as an idea by the youth-loving patron and mentor, Mr. Mahmoud Noor early this year. From the inspiration of the tranquil splendor of the Swahili Culture’s compound neighboring the famous Fort Jesus; the rear section of the compound overlooks the ocean. Standing there is a family house that would witness to a hundred years and counting, that is where Swahilipot hub is located. With a well-manicured slope leading to the blue waters of the Indian Ocean while at the same time overlooking the distinguished English Point Marina amongst other elegant hotels aligned along the sandy beaches of this awesome city of Mombasa.

Guests attending the Seacom Foundation Day
Guests from all walks of life came to witness the 7th anniversary of Seacom Foundation Day.

Partnering to breathe life to the idea; four main organizations in Kenya: Seacom, CISCO, National Museum of Kenya and The ICT Authority have ensured that the Swahilipot hub will not go unnoticed. Each of the member partners giving a portion of what they do best in their industry to ensure that the youth in Mombasa innovate creatively around Arts and Technology to come up with the very much needed sustainable solutions for the community.

Ahead of their 7th anniversary, Seacom choose to share their affection for technology with Swahilipot hub by ensuring that the upper floor of the hub stood awesomely gorgeous with renovations and furnishings that inspire creativity amongst the youth. The formerly potholed concrete floor now dares you with a alluring forest green look, shine and smooth in one package- not to mention placement of Rich mahogany stained skirting kissing the floor daring you to work from the floor. The wooden section of the floor and the two sets of staircases now have a chic sensation from the hard coat varnish yet retaining the 100 years artistic glory! Washrooms partitioned to cater for the private needs of the youth using the Swahilipot hub to learn and build upon the myriads of ideas now have water to keep them clean and usable.

Various sitting arrangements
Left: Relaxed sitting with bean-bags. Right: Comfortable chairs and tables for training setups.

Have you noticed the extensive variety of lavish seats hugging the white mica-top tables in the two training rooms? The dazzling colored seats flower-up the magnificence of the rooms teasing for different formations depending on the needs of any event held in these rooms.

Seacom realized that there are times that the young lads and lassies gathering at the Swahilipot hub to make use of the space during different hours of the day need to experience different environments within the same space. For that reason, tasty colored bean-bags and newspaper-bin seats woo the occupants of the space to delight in the coziness of the wooden floor extending to the magnificent wooden staircase. Spoilt for creativity is the slogan.

To crown it all, the Seacom foundation day event saw in attendance the Area Chief, Assistant county commissioner Mombasa Island ward, Assistant County Commissioner 1 and 2 not to mention a whole community of guests to grace the day. Before the unveiling of the renovations came several speeches topped by artistic works in the form of Spoken-word, rap, story-telling, stand-up commedy and dance. Just before the sumptuous lunch could be served the guests had a chance to visit the renovated works and even head to the terrace for an unhindered view of the ocean. Now it is no secret, Seacom gave Swahilipot an over-the-top facelift.

Artists at work
Artists entertained the guests with a variety of presentations.

Thank you Seacom!

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