Community Governance in Swahilipot Hub Community

The community Governance Model in Swahilipot Hub was formed on 20th December, 2017 . This was after an active participation in analyzing the strategic plan of 2017 reported by the executive team on their achievements and challenges they faced on the implementation process.However, a gap was noticed between the executive team and the community insofar as information, decision making and involvement of the community is a factor in Swahili pot. Realization that we are the right members to participate in decision making and suggestions of possible solutions to our challenges as a community triggered the formation of this department. This meeting created a sense of belonging to us members .It is from then that we developed an understanding of where we are now and where we opt to be. Democratically, a team of six members were elected. Three members of the executive were added in the team.

Community Governance team members:

  1. Mwanahamisi Adam -chairlady
  2. Simeon Oriko- Advisory Board Member
  3. Francis Ikoha- co-chair
  4. Vincent Ouma
  5. Jamila Hassan Awadh
  6. Kelvin Omondi
  7. Simon Adeya
  8. Rajab Salim
  9. Britone Mwasaru
  10. Angela Mumbi

We all have come together to pursue a common goal as an a Tech and Art Community, Community governance is all about the process of involving the community in decision making.We are in the process of devolping a positive strength based strategy as our community development approach. We will not dwell so much on what is absent but how well can we maximize what we have to make Swahilipot hub even more comfortable .Community governance department will ensure the fulfillment of the following through a survey that we want to carry out.

1. Culture and solutions

Will gather beliefs, rules, values, power ,ideas and knowledge of the community members in regard of the 2017 strategic plan .The goal of this process is to identify what is readily available to maximize it’s use, challenges ,issues and possible solutions .

2. Accommodate change

This are the things to do. The solutions proposed will be worked on to our best capacity. We will incorporate what was suggested by the community members.

3. Results that matter.

Successful results are expected from this process that will cause a difference that counts.

Thank you now and forever,

Mwanahamisi Adam – chairlady

Community Outreach at Pwani University

On 7th of October the technology and community teams teamed up to do community outreach with the computer science students at Pwani University. Amos from the Computer Science club reached out to us after their short visit to Swahilipot Hub during their school visit to Seacom. The team comprised of Athman Ziri, Johnes Mecha, Angela Mumbi, Kelvin Chivatsi, Paul Akwabi and Britone Mwasaru.

We did sessions on the following:

  • Getting started with computer programming
  • Choosing a programming language
  • Computer Networking and the Swahilipot Hub Cisco Academy
  • Introduction to Android Mobile Apps Development
  • From idea to execution with Tech Kidz Africa as a case study

During the session we were impressed by the curiosity among the students and the questions were very good. The main theme was the challenges that everyone faces when they are starting to get into the computing field. We looked forward to have practical sessions on different sessions like web development, computer networks and mobile apps development.

Thank you the Pwani Unversity Computer Science team for reach out and looking forward to another session.