Malaika Kidz Fashion Academy

Malaika Kidz Fashion started as a Kids Fashion Show in the year 2016 with a total number of 20 kids and in the year 2017 the total number of kids raised to 26.

It has since held successful fashion shows at Swahilipot Hub with talented and great designers from Kenya and Tanzania, makeup artists and rocking the runway were our very own trained kids from Malaika.

Malaika Kidz Fashion Academy aims to discover and nurture kids fashion talents in Kenya and Africa plus enhancing discipline amongst young generation.

The curriculum includes:

  • Catwalk
  • Etiquette
  • Posing technique
  • Public speaking and voice-over skills
  • Art Creativity

Here is a video with Angela Mumbi and Mohammed Mwaruwa

Members at play

Lest we Forget: We started from the bottom…

From a distance, it looked too cold to harbor any living thing. In fact it was tempting to tip toe inside for a ghost hunting episode. The black grilled door seemed to keep the ‘ghosts’ inside and the humans outside stood in place for security. Accompanying it were a pair of annoying wooden doors that knew not how to shut in the night or day, instead they made sure to slam close then open at the whisper of the faintest wind as if to confirm the existence of ghosts in this gothic looking structure. Then one daring soul caring a black back-pack would be seen striding across the quiet playground heading straight for the grilled door. Without peeping in, the door would be unlocked and the soul would immediately get in and close the grill behind as if securing the fort just in case the ‘ghosts’ desired to venture out. A few minutes later came another soul, and then a few others followed up in the same manner. None of them seemed to note that there was a wooden door after the grilled door that never closed. In fact, it didn’t bother any of them. They came to the Pot for a purpose, one that seemed only viable to them.

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Dance training by Joseph Gichinga – (Jose Contez) From The Theatre Company


This is what we believe; there are things in this world more powerful than words. A single look, a shifting weight, a hand, a finger can seduce you; can make you believe in magic. Movement is dance and dance is magic, teaching and sharing my experiences with the performers in Mombasa was a powerful experience.

My main focus was on modern contemporary dance, the challenges we go through in creating for certain audiences, how to approach and communicate performances creating magic on stage with movement, Because movement is the most basic form of communication for every human being in earth. Majoring in dance and choreography requires talent, discipline and hard work, whether your ultimate goal is performance or teaching, dance takes time and serious dedication. Read more