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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to SwahiliPot hub; a unique hub built at the heart of the Mombasa County whose key mandate is to empower the community through creative innovation
SwahiliPot is the first ever innovation hub that has dared to blend together two seemingly very different groups; Arts and Technology with a sole purpose of empowering the youth through provision of a space where the two communities build sustainable projects to bridge the gap in the community.
It is a project born through the partnership of three strong partners;
SEACOM: the first ever company to lay a broadband submarine cable system along the eastern and southern African coastlines to delivering today’s best possible broadband experience.
CISCO: the Computer Networks giant company
ICT Authority of Kenya: the body that enforces standards to ensure alignment and consistency of government ICT and processes at all levels.
National Museums of Kenya: where Kenyan heritage lives on.

Our mission is to empower the community through creative innovation

Our vision is to provide appropriate environment for the youth to build sustainable solutions around the challenges in the community.

SwahiliPOT hub is focused on pursuing three main objectives within the Coastal region of Kenya:
Create favorable environment for the youth to innovate through Arts and Technology.
Build sustainable solutions that enhance transformation in the community.
Provide a space where peer to peer training is conducted and partnerships are drawn.

Seeing that a huge percentage of the youth in Mombasa were driven to engaging in drug abuse and crime due to lack of employment and high rate of truancy; the community started suffering from major losses. The young people who were supposed to be a great economy drivers and bread winners to their families became a liability whose maintenance was beyond their ability. Loss of lives became a norm; the community was no longer vibrant as the sight of destitute youths followed by caskets became the order of the day!

Something had to be done- differently for that matter.

It took a visit to the Swahili Cultural Centre by two gentlemen; Mr. Mahmoud Noor formerly the station manager of SEACOM and the ICT Authority CS Honarable Joe Mucheru one day while the CS was visiting Mombasa to notice the idleness of a ‘valley’ overlooking the Indian Ocean.

“What could be done differently to engage the youth in something more creative right at this spot?” asked the CS pointing at the ‘valley’.

It was at that point that the two realized that the only resource they need was the youth of Mombasa and a pint of direction. Bearing in mind that 75% of the youth in Mombasa County ascribe to Arts (wasani- artists) as they commonly said, it was only wise to bend the rules of nature just a little bit. Other hubs had been set up in Mombasa County but they only attracted a small percentage of the youth because they were technology focused and the bigger percentage of the youth didn’t ascribe to technology, rules had to change.

At disposal was a one story building, over a hundred years old whose glory had to be restored and the ‘valley’ adorned with the green from the famous indigenous neem tree. The youth were only a phone call away; at least the first 30 would easily be contacted. These were the community crowd pullers would act as a bait for the rest of the youth. From there the group would grow through outreach.

Months down the line and the community has embraced SwahiliPot hub as the home of all innovations. Corporates lead by SEACOM now chip in to renovate and furnish the 100-year old building for the purpose of incubation and training as well as build an amphitheater that is now used by the youth for performances.

SwahiliPot hub carries a variety of activities that are slowly but surely transforming the lives of the youth in Mombasa County. These include:
Training and mentorship for the Techies and Artists in their respective careers of choice,
Auditioning for talents
Hold events with a great variety of performances that include acting, poetry, dancing, music,
Venue to hosts other organizations in the training rooms at a fee,
Incubation for startups belonging to registered members

What does it take to be a member of SwahiliPot hub?

For the hub to run efficiently there is need for members to take responsibility of its running, hence the youth are required to register at a fee for a renewable period of six months and also pay a minimal fee for the maintenance of the same. This enables them to pay for their power bills and carry out general maintenance of the hub. This is not only a way of keeping the hub running but also to enable the youth realize that the ideas they so desire to translate to business will need sustenance once put up. The responsibilities start small as the youth continue being mentored on how to run their businesses.


Paid up members have regular of benefits namely:

Meet Our Awesome Team

Fatma Mkwariza



Stephanie Maseki

Director of Arts


Saadiya Ali

Finance Director


Paul Akwabi

Senior Administrator


Francis Ikoha

Director of Community


Asma Alamin

Legal Director


Brighton Mwasaru

Technology Director


Robert Mrima

Ass. Finance


Angela Mumbi

Deputy Community
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